for the peepz from this guild.
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 Guildwar Tactic

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PostSubject: Guildwar Tactic   Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:47 pm

I whas thing of a little technic that I just imagined like 2 mins ago xD
Firstly we have the tanks at the front, damage dealers in the middle, and the archers/yoyo dudes at the end and when we begin the archer/yooy dudes go to dark illusion and sneak arround the enemies.
The tank are just rushing to distract the enemy as much as they can and the dealers support them when they are tanking.
Meanwhile the archer/yoyo dudes are behind them and then they attack with all what they got.
At this point the enemy is still focussed at the tankers and they get pounded arround by the yoyos suddenly or they are getting alot of crit and they are getting crit fly's Smile
Then they get confused and they forget their skills etc. \
Pretty nice if this works xD afro
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Guildwar Tactic
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